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Cherokee International / Bikor Power Supply, P/N - ACX631 / 51109684-100

The power supply is the heart of the xPM power system and the recommendation is for a redundant power supply configuration having each power supply fed by its own dedicated power source. Honeywell has introduced the next generation power supply for this family which increases the robustness of the power system.

Even with redundant power supplies, one must be careful when changing out a failed power supply. This is to minimize disturbance of the environment and to reduce the introduction of particles into the area around and near the power supplies. Those particles can be pulled through the airflow of the working power supply and result in the second power supply failing.

For this reason, Honeywell does not recommend replacing a working power supply on-process (other than the black-colored version). However, power supplies do not last forever and you should consider upgrading older power supplies, or prepare to do so, when the opportunities arise.

The recommendation for changing out the power supplies is every ten years and this replacement should be included during a scheduled down time if possible. The power supply replacement procedure listed in the Honeywell xPM Service manual should be followed at all times.

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Cherokee International 1200W Power Supply, P/N - ACX-639

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Fisher Rosemount 600W Power Supply, P/N: CP6103X1-BA1

Fisher Rosemount/Cherokee 600W Power Supply, P/N: CP6103X1-BA1

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