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PCO is a Scott Health & Safety service center. We can provide on-site services as well as in-house. We also sell their Fixed Gas and Flame Detection equipment.

About Scott Health & Safety "In 1932, Earl M. Scott founded Scott, then called Uniloy Accessories Corporation, in his basement in Lancaster, NY as a manufacturer the first pivoting tailwheel for airplanes. The company grew steadily for the first few years as manufacturer of several different components and parts used in the aviation industry. Because of a name conflict with another company, Uniloy changed its name to Scott Aviation. Later that year, Scott’s business exploded when the British Royal Air Force asked Mr. Scott to develop a walk-around, on-board oxygen system for its pilots so they could safely fly to altitudes of 30,000 feet over the Burma Hump into China. From that invention, Mr. Scott developed the first Air-Pak SCBA model in 1945 called the 6000 B4A. The price was $160 U.S. Thinking there was a market for his product for the fire service, Mr. Scott approached the local departments about his SCBA, but it wasn’t an overnight sensation. Back then, firefighters were nicknamed “smoke eaters” for good reason. They simply used wet handkerchiefs or canister masks to block out smoke as they fought fires. Over the years, Scott Aviation developed more products for flight, including the familiar yellow breathing masks used on commercial airliners, fighter jet pilots’ masks, and an underwater SCBA called the Hydro-Pak. Figgie International, a then large conglomerate of 33 companies, purchased Scott Aviation in 1967. Nine years later, Scott partnered with NASA to develop the first high pressure (4500 psi) SCBA. In 1980, Figgie bought Tool Services Co. in Monroe, N.C., and moved the SCBA manufacturing there to operate as Scott Health & Safety. Shortly afterward, the Air-Pak® Fifty™ SCBA was developed and quickly took over the fire market as the SCBA of choice. Today, Scott enjoys over 55% market share in the fire service industry with eight of the eleven largest U.S. cities using the Scott Air-Pak SCBA. In 1997, Figgie International sold off all its holdings except Scott and changed its corporate name to Scott Technologies. Also, in 1997, Scott took its first foray into the international market, specifically the newly opened Chinese market, to form the joint venture manufacturing facility Shanghai Eagle to develop SCBA for the Asian market. That venture was successful in its first year of operation and is now the largest SCBA manufacturer in the region. In 1999, the company split into two separate businesses – Scott Aviation and Scott Health and Safety. In 2000, Scott Health & Safety acquired Kemira Safety Oy with a 70 year history of manufacturing quality, innovative respiratory products. Kemira became Scott Oy and continues to supply Scott with innovative designs and products for industrial workers. During this time we also entered the gas detection market and through a number of ventures developed what is now the Scott instruments product line. This is a recognized leader in the field of portable and fixed gas detection. Tyco International purchased the company in 2001 and placed it into its Tyco Safety Products (TSP) group within its Fire & Security division (TFS) to operate as a Strategic Business Unit (SBU). Over the next few years, Tyco grew Scott’s global presence by adding several very respected and powerful brands to the Scott Health & Safety family, starting in 2001 with Protector Technologies, a Skelmersdale, England-based manufacturer of respiratory protection products. Protector Technologies brought with it successful product brands such as Sabre (breathing apparatus) and Protector (personal protective equipment) that were established and popular in the European, Middle East and Australian markets. Sabre has since been folded into Scott Health & Safety and is being marketed as a Scott brand. Protector remains a strong brand for Scott Health & Safety and is a recognized leader in personal protective equipment (PPE) around the world. At the same time, our business in Australia was integrated into Scott Health & Safety. This includes the Protector and Unisafe brands, recognized as a leader in eye, head and ear protection equipment. These products are sold throughout Australia and New Zealand by distributors and at home improvement retail stores similar to the Home Depot stores in the U.S. Pratt Safety, an Australian distributor of safety signs, markers, and decontamination equipment, was also added to Scott’s product offering. In 2004, Tyco divested its last connection with the original Scott Aviation to concentrate on Scott’s core line – personal safety products. Later in 2004, Tyco added Fire Equipment de Mexico, S.A. (F.E.M.S.A.), a small manufacturer of firefighter protective clothing and other firefighting gear, to Scott’s product line. F.E.M.S.A. distributes its products to the South & Latin American markets and is located in Mexico." © 2008 Scott Health & Safety All Rights Reserved. Give us a call today and out our expertise to work for you. Ph.: 281-421-1321 sales@pco2.com