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CHARM I/O Card SX Controller, P/N: KJ2005X1-BK1 Power/Controller Carrier, P/N: 12P4683X032
CHARM I/O Card, P/N: KL2101X1-BA1 (12P4987X062) Emerson DeltaV SX Controller, P/N: KJ2005X1-BK1. Fisher P/N: 12P4688X032. DeltaV S-series Power/Control Horizontal Carrier. 2-Wide Power/Controller Carrier.
DeltaV CHARMS System Power Supply (DC/DC), P/N: 73-610-115 Virtual I/O Module, P/N: KJ2006X1-BK1
The CHARM I/O card (CIOC) supports up to 96 individually configurable channels and is designed specifically for multi-core home run cables in centrally located marshalling cabinets. It can also be installed in field junction boxes to further reduce system design and installation costs. All communications are completely redundant from the channel (CHARM) to the DeltaV controller. Emerson DeltaV System Power Supply, P/N: 73-610-115 (12P4685X022) Emerson DeltaV Virtual I/O Module, P/N: KJ2006X1-BK1 (12P4689X012)