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The IRIS P532 uses a Dual Processor system to provide the ability to monitor up to Three viewing heads simultaneously. Front panel information is displayed by large, bright, three color alphanumeric dot matrix displays.

With Automatic Viewing Head detection, the P532 is also capable of monitoring UV and IR separately.

Each channel can be associated with Two sets of configuration data: Primary, or Alternate.

The IRIS P532 is compatible with both RS422 and Modbus protocols. It has an automatic set up functionality whereby each channel can be configured automatically in one of three ways: Auto Fit, Auto Sequence, or Auto Filter.

Please call or email for pricing and availability at 281-421-1321 or sales@pco2.com.

  • Ability to monitor up to 3 Viewing Heads simultaneously
  • Dual processor system
  • Ability to monitor UV and IR separately from one S550x view head
  • Large bright scrolling 3-color dot matrix displays:

Red indication for IR

Green indication for UV

Orange indication for mixture of IR and UV

  • Automatic viewing head detection
  • Each channel and viewing head can be associated with two sets of configuration data:

Primary is the normal viewing head configuration

Alternate is a set of alternate settings that can be activated by applying a voltage across the alternate select pins for each specific channel or writing configuration to Modbus register.

  • Automatic set up functionality where each channel can be configured automatically in one of three ways.

Auto Fit: The flame is monitored and the gain is adjusted to produce an optimal count of between 1100 and 1300. The flame on will then be set at 800 and flame off will be set to 600.

Auto Sequence: The gain will first be adjusted as in the Auto Fit routine and then the flame on and flame off settings will be adjusted. (This requires turning off the flame).

Auto Filter: Used for definitive infrared calibration. The sequence procedure (above) is performed on each of the 8 filter settings. The best-differentiated filter is chosen and configured for gain, flame on and flame off settings.

  • Lockable front panel access.
  • Viewing head error detection with viewing head lockout capabilities (requiring physical acknowledgment).
  • A P522 emulation mode can be achieved by installing a jumper between the two P522 pins.
  • Changing viewing head types (while operating) will cause the unit to go into lockout mode. (This is a safety feature).
  • Compatible with RS422 and Modbus protocol.
  • Field upgradeable with firmware download capabilities.
  • 702 / 802 IR and the 706 / 806 UV viewing heads can be connected to Viewing Head #3.
  • S552 IR and S556 UV together with the S550 that utilizes both UV and IR sensors can be connected to Viewing Head #2 and #3.

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